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Our services includes Individual therapy and counseling. This is where the Client meets with their primary counselor on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss progress on the clients sessions and treatment, it is also a time to discuss treatment plan assignments and changes to treatment plans as well as discharge planning when the client reaches complete health.

 Individual Counseling Sessions 

Facilitated by primary counselor, guest lecturers may present on special topics as appropriate. Time is devoted to building rapport through self-disclosures, sharing individual assignments, receiving peer and staff feedback, responding to crises, and sharing general information about addiction and recovery. Additional group time or specific assignments are devoted to working through the curriculum as presented in manuals and workbooks.

Group Therapy

House of Opportunity provides basic education relating to co-occurring mental illness, including basic symptoms of mental illness, issues of co-morbidity, and the importance of compliance with medical professional's recommendations, e.g. individual therapy and/or medications. Clients who evidence any symptoms of mental health problems will be referred to appropriate care by our License independent Clinical Social Worker and these issues will be addressed in the individual treatment plan.

Co-Occurring Groups

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