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Use Services

We have professionals and counselors that provide education and knowledge on the complete physiology, progression, and consequences of substance uses such as alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse.

Substance Use Education

Completed within three calendar days of admission will detail client's substance use history, previous treatment history, legal history, family of origin history, education and employment status, relationships history, psychiatric treatment history, and cultural background; assesses client's current physical health, current mental status, and readiness for change, recovery environment, learning style, personal strengths and resources, and potential barriers to recovery.

Biopsychsocial Assessment

Relapse prevention strategies to avoid inappropriate chemical use and health problems related to chemical use and the necessary changes in lifestyle to regain and maintain health.

Each client will work with counselor to develop a personalized relapse prevention plan, with flexibility for clients who may lapse in treatment or may have difficulty adhering to established treatment rules as a result of mental illness. This plan will be shared with concerned persons as appropriate.

Relapse Prevention

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