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Behavioral Health Home is model of care that focuses on the integration of primary care, social services, and mental health services with supports for adults that have been diagnosed with mental illnesses as well as children that have been diagnosed with emotional disturbances. Behavioral Health Home services puts to use an incorporative team and delivers client-centered support and services designed to support the client in a coordinating matter while reaching their health as well as their wellness goals.

What is BHH?

Physical Therapy

The goals of Behavioral Health Home services are such that:

  • The client has consistent and reliable treatment processes of mental health as well as other co-existing health conditions.

  • The client has the best access and utilizes treatment routines and preventive health care services.

  • The client attains knowledge of health and mental health conditions, effective treatments to those conditions, and practices of self-management of health conditions.

  • The client has access to and utilizes social as well as community support systems to further assist the client in meeting their health and wellness goals.

BHH Goals

Doctor and Patient

The Behavioral Health Home Services include:

  • Care Coordination

  • Patient and Family Support

  • Health and Wellness Promotion

  • Comprehensive Transitional care

  • Comprehensive Care Management

  • Referral to community and social support services

BHH Services

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